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I wrote in a past post about the benefits of growing up on a farm and I gave my top 5 reasons and promised to go more in depth… Here will be my first post doing this. This post is all about Love; when I saw it, how I learned it, and how I was taught to show it.

Growing up on a farm for me, meant I didn’t have many neighbors. I grew up in a rural community, with acres of farm land, pastures, ponds and woods. Of course living in an area like that you might think it would be lonely, and at times it was but to me these were the times you could see love.

I saw it between my parents, who depended on each other. I saw it between mother and daughter and father and daughter. Then I saw it in my mothers eyes as she went to take care of the horses, when she brushed their manes and fed them hay. I could see it when my dad looked over his land and his family and his animals. I saw it in his eyes when he would bring home a new goat or chicken or turtle for my sisters and I to take care of. And I saw it in my sisters eyes when they ran around in a yard full of green grass, chasing after goats and hold kittens and playing with the dogs.

I grew in an environment full of love and I learned how to treat others and how to be there and take care of those whom I loved. As I got older I had responsibilities on the farm; watering the horses, filling up the bird feeder, walking show cattle. Within those responsibilities I learned fast that those animals and my family members were counting on me, and if I failed to carry out my jobs I would be letting them down. So I learned to enjoy everything I did, I was taught to be excited to walk the show cattle, to feel important because I was in charge of watering the horses. And because of all of that I learned how to love.

Now it’s a whole other story to be taught HOW to love, but I found that the best way to practice (before trying it out on actual people) was to practice showing love to all the animals on my farm. As a little girl you always go through falling in love, and the embarrassing moments when you share your love to someone you doesn’t deserve it. But the plus side to living on a farm is you have space to run and hide, to evaluate your feelings and you have animals to cuddle or talk to about your problems because that kind of love doesn’t go away. Those bonds are unbreakable and they gave me the courage to stop hiding, to get over it and to share my love with the people in my life who would love me back.

I can’t say that I wouldn’t know all of those things if I grew up in a city or even a town, but I can say that my ability to love is one of my greatest and strongest qualities. Here in the present I have an amazing family that loves me, I am in a strong long distance relationship, and I am surrounded with honest, happy and caring friends. All of these people in my life deserve my love and because I grew up on a farm and experienced it had role models to show me, I know I can love them!!


Farming Video- Hangman Style

Farming Hangman



This video was part of an assignment for my agriculture public relations class. Our job was to create an impromptu, three minute video on why farming is important. I know it is a little rough, but the facts are what’s important. Enjoy!

And Then, it Hits You

“How do you know if a farmer is good?

If he is out-standing in his field!”

This simple joke was told during my speech class today to lighten the mood for the next person giving their presentation. However not only did it lighten the mood in the room, it enlightened me. It hit me that, this simple joke was one of the truest judgment calls I had heard about farmers in a long time. The setting may have been unique and the people may have been random, but it finally hit me. I could do some good in writing this blog.

Why have a blog if not to tell a story, and what better story to tell than yours? There are many people in the world of agriculture who have stories/ lives that to them may seem traditional, over-told, and old. But in today’s world that tradition is being threatened, and others are telling the story of agriculture, for you, and they are using negative perspectives, unreliable information and honestly couldn’t be more removed from the farm! A good farmer is out working in his/her fields, out in the pastures and barns, and with their livestock or crops. But this is a calling, for you to come in for the day, and asking you to sit down at the computer and share.

I started this blog for a class called Agriculture Public Relations.  We are learning how to share information with the world in a positive, respectful and purposeful way. So far in exploring the world of blogging the coolest thing I have discovered is the networking. Agriculturists everywhere, are getting online and they are spreading the word about the industry they love. Facebook, Word Press, Twitter, Google +, YouTube, and LinkedIn, are just some of the channels these ordinary people are using to get their voices heard.

You are a good farmer if you spend your time in the field, but you could be a great farmer by coming inside and sharing your passions with others online.

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