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Spring Farm Fest 2013

Had a wonderful weekend and couldn’t wait to share these pictures !

The weather was finally warm enough to spend time outside this weekend and that it exactly what I had planned on doing. Here in Springfield, Mo, the Circus was in town, Spring Farm Fest was open and bonfires had been scheduled. SO I thought in my blog for the week I would just highlight a few reasons on why I am proud to be a member of the agriculture community.


I will start with Friday: This was the opening day for Spring Farm Fest and I was scheduled to work with my partner in crime Olivia, at the Greene County Farm Bureau Booth. All morning we got to talk to famers and agriculturalist from all around about their farms and businesses. Nothing makes an old man happier than to have someone to sit and chat with about all the lessons he has learned throughout his life time! The highlight of the day  however would have to be when one elderly farmer was determined to share the best peanut brittle that he had ever eaten in his entire life with Olivia and I. And it just so happened to be the recipe he taught his wife to make and it just so happen to be the peanut brittle he was carrying around in a paper towel in his pocket. I know you are all wondering, so yes, we did finally cave in an try the candy. It may seem strange and maybe a little weird to some but to me it was worth it, to make this mans day by sharing in conversation and peanut brittle.

Olivia and I volunteering at the county Farm Bureau Booth

Olivia and I volunteering at the county Farm Bureau Booth

Olivia and I posing with some really large rabbits in the barns

Olivia and I posing with some really large rabbits in the barns

Next I would like to share about Saturday morning: This was the day my boyfriend traveled to visit me, and my first instinct on what to do for the day was go back to the Farm Fest. So my boyfriend, Tanner, and I traveled to the fair grounds and ventured through all the vendors until we finally made a break for the barns. It was here that the agriculture atmosphere was the strongest. With all the restored tractors, livestock, and country folk it was easy for us both to blend in. No matter what stall we stopped to look in or what tractor we stood to gaze at, there was someone there willing to educate us or tell us a story. My favorite character that morning was another elderly farmer who was in the barns with his brahman cattle. He was fast on his feet when he saw Tanner and I checking out his prized calves! He was happy to engage us in a long conversation about the cattle breed he loved and the history of his cattle business. Never could it be more apparent to see the passion in someones life work. After thanking him for the education and conversation he proceeded to tell us that he was happy to share his knowledge and that he was glad to have us young people find his family cattle business interesting. Needless to say Tanner and I walked away knowing we had made a connection and that there wasn’t a better way to spend our time together than being around passionate agriculturalists.

Found 5 Corgie Puppies and almost took one home

Found 5 Corgie Puppies and almost took one home

While walking around the barns on the fairground we found this pretty calf.

While walking around the barns on the fairground we found this pretty calf.

Found these little guys at Spring Farm Fest

Found these little guys at Spring Farm Fest

Last I will share about Saturday night: Picture and farm girl in the middle of a city on the first warm day of Spring, where do you think she would want to be… the answer is a farm out it the country. I love my school campus but sometimes it is nice to get away from the car horns and truck sirens. Thank goodness for a good ole’ bonfire!

A big fire+ a great boyfriend+ s’mores + the students from the MSU Agriculture Department,  all add up to what? A good time! Breaking free from the stress at school to spend an evening in the dark listening to the coyotes, and dancing to the latest country songs. All good, clean fun with everyone just looking to enjoy each others company. That’s what I call a great ending to a good day.

My boyfriend and I sharing a beautiful night with a bonfire and friends

My boyfriend and I sharing a beautiful night at a bonfire with friends

The first warm night in Springfield

The first warm night in Springfield

Great shot from my Saturday night

Great shot from my Saturday night

After reading this post I hope you can understand the welcoming, easy-going, passionate group of individuals that make up the agriculture industry. I am proud to be a part of them and I am proud to have grown up within a  community that is based off hard work, friendliness, knowledge, and passion. I would recommend this life to anyone!


National Agriculture Day !

“Without you we wouldn’t have a table.”


Happy National Agriculture Day everyone! Today I wanted to share a great video made by They are an organization that is all about promoting a positive voice for agriculturalists and showing others what farmers really do for people here in American and all around the world.

Please enjoy this video and hopefully it makes for think about where your food comes from and I also hope you get the sudden urge to THANK A FARMER!!

Thank You, America’s Farmers


Thank You to Farmers!!

Thank You to Farmers!!

And Then, it Hits You

“How do you know if a farmer is good?

If he is out-standing in his field!”

This simple joke was told during my speech class today to lighten the mood for the next person giving their presentation. However not only did it lighten the mood in the room, it enlightened me. It hit me that, this simple joke was one of the truest judgment calls I had heard about farmers in a long time. The setting may have been unique and the people may have been random, but it finally hit me. I could do some good in writing this blog.

Why have a blog if not to tell a story, and what better story to tell than yours? There are many people in the world of agriculture who have stories/ lives that to them may seem traditional, over-told, and old. But in today’s world that tradition is being threatened, and others are telling the story of agriculture, for you, and they are using negative perspectives, unreliable information and honestly couldn’t be more removed from the farm! A good farmer is out working in his/her fields, out in the pastures and barns, and with their livestock or crops. But this is a calling, for you to come in for the day, and asking you to sit down at the computer and share.

I started this blog for a class called Agriculture Public Relations.  We are learning how to share information with the world in a positive, respectful and purposeful way. So far in exploring the world of blogging the coolest thing I have discovered is the networking. Agriculturists everywhere, are getting online and they are spreading the word about the industry they love. Facebook, Word Press, Twitter, Google +, YouTube, and LinkedIn, are just some of the channels these ordinary people are using to get their voices heard.

You are a good farmer if you spend your time in the field, but you could be a great farmer by coming inside and sharing your passions with others online.

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