Living to Serve

It’s a Family Thing

This is my cousin Kyle. He is a senior in high school getting ready to graduate and continue an already promising career serving in the United States military.

Kyle's senior pictures

Kyle’s senior picture

Kyle and I grew up in different states, me in Missouri and him in New Mexico, but throughout my entire life he has been one of my very best friends . Yes we are family and that made us close, but for Kyle and I we shared a passion for exploration and because of that we were connected at the hip whenever we got the chance to see each other.

I wanted to make this blog post about him because he is one of those people who has grown up showing amazing character and hasn’t ever asked for any kind of recognition. Always striving to do his best Kyle has maintained a can-do attitude and has worked hard to find his place in this world. Finally his hard work has paid off and Kyle has found his place, serving in the military.

Dressed in his uniform Kyle is smiling for real

Dressed in his uniform Kyle is smiling for real

As a member of his family of course I was worried about what my cousin had gotten himself into. He is a few months younger than I am so I always felt he was part of my responsibility, even though I was hundreds of miles away. But as one of his best friends I couldn’t be happier, more excited and maybe a little jealous of him! As soon as I got the chance to talk to him about this major life decision, I couldn’t get him to shut up about it! Even through the military lingo (half of which I did not understand at all) and random rants abut rankings I could see his passion. And because I saw the passion myself, I knew it was genuine.

Kyle being proud, even in black and white

Kyle being proud, even in black and white

I am SO proud of Kyle for everything he is and everything he will become. He has set some pretty high goals but I know he will reach every single one of them.

Thank you Kyle, for all the good times and for choosing the most noble and self sacrificing career imaginable.

All grown up together

All grown up together

Always smiling and looking good

Always smiling and looking good



The Story of Two Brothers

This story was told to me during my Agricultural Selling class by Professor Rodger Fent and I love it so much I can’t help but share it. It is the story of two brothers, the youngest being an optimist and the older being a pessimist.

It’s Christmas morning and the two brothers rush downstairs to the Christmas tree to see what gifts Santa had delivered during the night. The oldest brother gets to his present first and finds a brand new bike with all the latest gadgets. This brother grabs the bike and starts kicking it saying, “It’s purple and I HATE purple.”

The youngest boy has been waiting patiently but finally asks his parents where his present from Santa is. Their response is that it is back up at the top of the stairs waiting for him. The youngest boy runs up the stairs and discovers a large refrigerator box, and when he opens it up he finds that it is completely full of manure.

Without hesitating the youngest boy dove into the box. He was flailing around inside of it when his parents finally got to the top of the stairs and yelled, “What are you doing?!”

The boy’s response was simple, “With all this manure there’s just got to be a pony somewhere!!”

I chose to share this story on my blog because I think it is a humorous and fun way to remind others that it is always our choice whether to be blinded by the bad or to search for the good. As for my opinion I believe to never stop looking for the good, and to always put things into perspective.



I saw this picture today on Pinterest and couldn’t help but post it here on my blog. It’s just a reminder that instead of getting mad at others for what they are saying, step back and take the time to tell the right story. Your Story.

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