Thank you FARMnWIFE

Lessons Learned 

A big thank you to Judi Graff, also know as FARMnWIFE, for speaking to my Agriculture Public Relations class yesterday!

For those of you who do not know about FARMnWIFE I really encourage you to check out her blog! It has a ton of helpful hints about how to blog and also includes her personal farm stories.


My assignment this week for class is to blog about the top 3 most helpful/interesting things Judi Graff taught us. So here we go…

1) An interesting thing I learned was how and why FARMnWIFE got started and why she is continuing to blog.

– Judi started her blog because she wanted to share pictures of her children showing animals at their county fair for 4H.

– Judi believes in preserving the story of her farm so that her children and grandchildren will know all the struggles the family farm has overcome. (Judi Graff was not born or raised on a farm, she married into farming)

-Judi continues to blog now because she wants to help others record the stories of their farms and also she helps agriculture businesses become more successful by using a blog. She also continues to preserve her own story.

2) A great tool FARMnWIFE taught our class about was how to create a contact page.

-This is a REALLY great tool for an agriculture business because the contact page allows the customers to get in touch with the company and ask questions they might not be comfortable asking online. ALSO this allows bloggers to see that there is a person behind the blog who is willing to build connections with customers and potential customers.

– I chose not to put a contact page on my blog just for the simple fact that I am  just telling a story. I am not in an official position therefore I will stay online and present to create conversations on my blog.


– Just a simple picture and a short about me was something I added after learning how and why I should from FARMnWIFE.

– I love this because now those who visit my blog can see ME right on the top of the page. Everyone can see  atypicalaggie really is real!!


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