5 Fun Facts

Guest Speakers Present on Social Media  

On February 6, during my agriculture public relations class we got an inside look in how social media is affecting today’s business world. The two guest speakers we had the privilege of hosting were Lynzee Glass, managing editor for Ozarks Farm & Neighbor and Christy Diebold from Springfield Leather Company.

Ozarks Farm & Neighbor



1. The Ozarks Farm & Neighbor is a farm newspaper that is trying to survive in a wireless world . They decided that in order to continue their success they would have to make an appearance on the web and ultimately joined Facebook. The main reasons they joined Facebook were to reach younger audiences, keep their name out there, and the perks of getting immediate feedback.

2. The biggest challenge for the newspaper has been incorporating social media into the publication as well as on their webpage. It has been a struggle to try and find ways to get Facebook users to the Ozark Farm & Neighbor website so they could generate income.

3. A surprising fact was that the newspaper had been on Facebook since 2009 but in that year the staff had only posted four times. It wasn’t until Lynzee Glass saw the potential and the need for using Facebook constructively that the newspaper was able to generate almost 1,000 Likes.

Springfield Leather Company


Christy Diebold is actually a teachers assistance for my Ag PR class and gave a presentation on what she was able to do for her company with the skills she learned from this class.

4. A fun fact about the Springfield Leather Company is they have a dog friendly store and usually have 5 Chihuahuas running around.

5. Also something very neat about the Springfield Leather Company is it is family owned and operated.

Both of these businesses are operated by hard working agriculturists! Please visit their websites and Like them on Facebook if you find the time.



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